Customer Experience Culture

The company Supermarket Kritikos, in its course of development and investment in its human resources, recently proceeded to the implementation of 2 super programs with topics: Human Resources Development and Customer Experience. All the executives of the company participated in these specific training programs and aimed at improving the way the company operates.

The programs were organized and curated by Ms. Hatzi Skevofylaka, Customer Experience Expert.

In an increasingly demanding work environment, the staff of Supermarket Kritikos learned how to integrate leadership into their lives, how to manage complaints, how to better cooperate and strengthen teamwork, how to build and maintain human relationships, to communicate properly and how to offer Experience.

Supermarket Kritikos realized how important the customer-centric approach is in an era that has been renamed “Customer Age” in the business world.

The goal of the programs was to focus the company’s culture on offering Experience to the Customer, instead of just service. With its participation and success, Supermarket Kritikos learned that it must now offer something more than service to customers who trust it, that is EXPERIENCE!