We offer Programs and tools for the development of entrepreneurs and Executives for all companies and organizations. Training seminars and programs for business departments that aim to better organize their teams and management, to achieve through thorough cooperation and guidance, through desired goals and results. Training Programs for Managers, Freelancers, Doctors and employees of each company.

  • Leadership Modules

  • Personal Leadership skill

  • Leadership Training Program Level I

  • Leadership Training Program Level II

  • Leadership Training Program Level II

  • Leadership skills during Crisis

  • Leadership for Millennials (18-25)

  • How to motivate Millennials (18-25)

Soft & Interpersonal Skills Modules

The Soft Skills training program is about the training of people in positions of responsibility in communication skills, time management and change management as well as strengthening their teamwork, ensuring Customer Experience, as well as solving daily problems in order to increase job satisfaction and enhance their efficiency and productivity.


Thanks to the consistent nature of the curriculum the training program can be done as taught as often as the company requires. Each program is 4 hours long and can be repeated once or twice a year, without altering the teaching material, so that each of its staff is gradually trained in all the thematic units of the program (modules). In this way everyone will receive the same knowledge, which leads to the creation of a common culture of development.

The seven main sections are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Time management
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Customer Experience
  5. Problemsolving
  6. Change Management – Durability
  7. Teamwork

After the trainings the participants will be able

  • To apply time management techniques.

  • To be able to respond to the ever-changing environment.

  • To solve their daily problems in a creative way.

  • To reap the maximum benefits from teamwork.

  • To find their own way to provide Customer Experience (CX).

  • To communicate effectively with internal and external customer.

  • To be able to operate quickly and correctly in times of economic crisis.

Soft & Interpersonal Skills Modules

  • Leadership skills 

  • Managerial skills 

  • Basic Communication skills

  • Advanced Communication skills

  • Listening skills – Becoming a better listener

  • Team Spirit & Team working – Team Spirit in my workplace

  • Problem Solving 

  • Time Management – How to Manage my time

  • Stress management 

  • Customer Experience 

  • Decision making – How to make the right decisions for success

  • Developing Resilience –Developing Durability and Adaptability

Customer Experience CX – Sales Modules

  • Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience & Sales – Customer Experience and Sales Increase

  • Increase your sales with Customer Experience

  • Effective – Complaint Management SYSTEM – Corporate Complaints Management System

  • Customer Experience for tourism industry

Business skills Modules

Train the Trainer – become a trainer

  • Instructor Training for interactive in-house training via Webinar
  • Instructor training for interactive training
  • Negotiations skills
  • Crisis management Ι – CORONAVIRUS ERA
  • Crisis management ΙΙ
  • Crisis management ΙΙΙ – Crisis management
  • Critical thinking
  • Change Management
  • Effective – Complaint Management -Complaint Management
  • Personal development – Principles of Personal development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict resolution – Problem solving
  • Effective Camera Presentations!
  • Crisis Management and Communication in the CORONA VIRUS CRISIS era

Human Resources Development Program

On-line Programs & IN-PERSON Induction Programs

Quit Smoking Program – A quit-smoking program for employees


Well-being: The Basic Pillars of Well-being for a Better and Healthier Life

Interviewing Skills

Personality Traits Test

21 principles to stay motivated

Motivating women in business

ON-LINE PROGRAMS for employees’ children

  1. Vocational Guidance Program for the children of the employees

  2. Learning Reading Preferences