With Hatzi you are going to discuss the biggest problems of dissatisfaction that prevent you from achieving the best planning and efficiency in your company.

The purpose of this collaboration is to give you the needed clarity, guidance and tools to get to the next level of your business or to a part of your business that you want to change.


With 22 years of business experience in large companies such as Sklavenitis, Epsilon Net and organizations with a staff of over 20,000 employees, Hatzi Filax is an expert in exponentially growingcompanies, acquisitions and mergers.

This is why Hatzi Filax will guide you through a step-by-step process to build modern structures – to develop your staff and strategically see the next day.

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners from all levels (small – large businesses), all industries and all levels of experience, Hatzi Filax focuses on analyzing your unique business needs and helping you drive your business from the old to the new and modern way with minimal disturbance, especially during periods of great and critical changes in the business and economic environment.

Hatzi has the ability to contribute with the right tools through critical thinking to achieve this in your business. Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes and industry fields (Retail, Catering, Shipping, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Production Companies) and all levels of experience, Hatzi Filax can become clear and practical in analyzing your businessesunique needs and she can help you leave behind the old structure and move on to a new one with minimal disturbance within the business.



Together we will find the best strategies – practical and applicable solutions for your company based on your culture and model – operating structure of your business.

Consulting communication will offer you all the practical steps, perfectly understood to be applied in the business in any field you need help.

This program is useful for you if you feel that:

  • Your business operates with old procedures and should move to tomorrow after the continuous development of technology.

  • You face daily tasks that should be performed by your executives and valuable time is lost

  • It worries you if there are procedures and parts that you need to develop so that they can meet the speed of the era

  • We will give you workable solutions – with simple and straightforward procedures – so you can apply from the next day

  • There are problems with your executives and their collaboration

  • You want to find innovative ways to grow your Human Resources

  • You want to become a business with a human-centered character

  • You want to make the smooth transition of your business to offering Customer Experience

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