The Corporate Academy can be applied to all companies that believe in and invest in the ongoing training of their staff and want to save resources by aligning all employees in common directions.

The academy provides all the knowledge and continuous guidance of the people of a business because providing training is not an individual endeavor. It needs continuous development, provision of knowledge and development of skills through training programs.

Part of the academies are the technical trainings necessary for the perfect execution of daily work, workshops related to the development of sales and service skills, personal guidance meetings – executive mentoring – as well as team actions to develop the team spirit of the people towards common purpose.

In the development of an internal academy, proper design is the catalyst for the desired result. They are part of the strategic planning and their development is necessary for a business to move from simple service to lasting Customer Experience.

The internal academy ensures:

  1. More efficient organization of the company
  2. Continuous Employee Development
  3. Dissemination of modern knowledge in matters of customer experience and in matters of managerial development
  4. Formulation of a unified corporate philosophy & culture
  5. Modernization of procedures
  6. Alignment with company and processes

We, through our extensive experience, design and organize all the programs of your corporate Academy.

Also, within the Academy, in addition to all the training courses, HR Solutions programs are included, such as Personality, Skills, Values & Motivation Tests and a program for the development of new executives.

Every academy is unique, as is the culture and philosophy of every business!