Customer Experience Culture

The company Meidanis, a company with stores throughout Greece, is growing both externally and internally. The company, wishing to invest in its human resources, took the initiative for the implementation of the Customer Experience Culture program and the issue of human resources development and Customer Experience. The training program was coordinated by Hatzi Skevofylaka -Customer Experience Expert- and aimed at improving the way the company operates and creating a better working environment. The program was implemented with innovative teaching materials and focus on the application of the Customer Experience model.

In an increasingly demanding work environment, the staff of the company Meidanis, learned the necessary skills to leave behind the era of service and move on to the era of Experience. The topic subjects of the program were based on 9 steps, with special emphasis on complaint management and proper communication.

Our age is the “Customer Age” and now focuses on the change of philosophy and culture. It is not enough for a company to offer a simple service to the customers who trust it. It must offer him an experience!

This program had 3 different modules: Level A, B and C. This program was implemented nationwide, initially live, but was completed online due to coronavirus conditions with great success.