Induction Week at Imperial College Business School is an unforgettable experience that sets the tone for an exciting academic journey. The week brings together new Masters and MBA students to forge connections, explore the vibrant city of London, and introduce them to the world-class education they are about to embark upon. In this blog, we’ll dive into some of the highlights of this time.

The Imperial Advantage: Networking and Beyond

The induction at Imperial College Business School is more than just a series of events; it’s the beginning of a transformative journey. The activities and interactions during this week lay the foundation for a vibrant and supportive community of students and faculty.

Our induction includes special events as well as workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities where students can connect with faculty, industry professionals, and peers. These early connections often evolve into lasting relationships that support personal and professional growth throughout their time at Imperial College Business School and beyond.

“I feel energised and excited to join the Imperial College Business School community. This is the best way to kick-off the journey. As a Global Online MBA student, being able to meet my classmates and professors in person during the Welcome Week is an amazing way to start my studies for the next two years” – Daniel Rubio Sanchez, Global Online MBA

Welcome Day at the Science Museum: Where Learning Meets Innovation

This year, students had an immersive experience at the world-renowned Science Museum. It was an opportunity to bond with fellow students and also a chance to gain insights into the latest advancements in science, technology, and innovation—an essential aspect of the Business School’s educational philosophy.

The highlight of the day centered around the IMAX theatre, where students were hosted by Sofia Skevofylaka, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management alumna. The event commenced with a warm welcome address by Interim Dean Franklin Allen, followed by a session that delved into fascinating research at Imperial College.

Scholarship Breakfast: Celebrating Excellence

Imperial College Business School recognises the importance of fostering talent and nurturing future leaders. The Scholarship Breakfast was an occasion to honour and celebrate the exceptional achievements of deserving students.

Each year, a select group of Masters and MBA students are awarded scholarships based on their outstanding academic achievements, leadership potential, and contributions to their communities. The Scholarship Breakfast is a gathering where these talented individuals are recognised and celebrated by the faculty, staff, and peers.

As new students embark on their academic journey at Imperial College Business School, they carry with them the memories and connections forged during this week. For some programmes, students will have one more week of induction before delving into their studies. These experiences serve as a reminder of the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and inspire them to excel in their pursuit of knowledge, leadership, and success.

The  week was an adventurous week, giving us an insight into the massive number of events and opportunities that await our participation throughout this time at Imperial College Business School. I look forward to the new connections, the events and the immense learning opportunities here at Imperial. If one week could be so memorable and fun, I can’t fathom the rest of the 51 weeks in this programme!” – Dhishan Rajshekhar, MSc Management

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