On Monday, September 4, 2023, Sofia Skevofylaka, CCO and Co-Founder of Hatzi Filax Group, won impressions on London Science Museum’s IMax stage, as Keynote Presenter and Speaker of Imperial College Business School’s Welcome Day.

Induction Week at Imperial College Business School is an unforgettable experience that sets the stage for an exciting Academic Journey. The week brings together young postgraduates and MBA students to network, explore the vibrant city of London and be introduced to the world-class training they are about to start.

The aim of the Welcome Day is to bring together the new students of the Imperial College Business School and help them to integrate into the University. This year, students had an immersive experience at London’s world-renowned Science Museum. It was an opportunity to bond with fellow students and also a chance to gain knowledge of the latest developments in science, technology
and innovation – an essential aspect of the Business School.

The highlight of the Day was centered in the IMAX theatre, where the students were hosted by CCO and Co-Founder of Hatzi Filax Group Sofia Skevofylaka, MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management graduate with the event starting with a warm welcome from Dean Prof. Franklin Allen.

As Sofia Skevofylaka herself mentioned in her publication, “It was an incredible experience and honor to welcome 2000 students and share the stage with Dean Prof. Franklin Allen & keynote speakers such as Dr. Philip Sandwell, Prof. PhD Michele Dougherty, Dr. Wayne Mitchell Associate Provost for EDI and Dr. Jessica Wade. Thanks to all the team at Imperial Business School for the trust and the continuous support. A total of 5 sessions were held for 400 students each time!!”.

The Welcome Day of the Imperial College Business School was also successfully completed by Sofia Skevofylaka returned with her luggage full of pride and valuable experiences.

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