The Hatzi Filax Group designed and implemented a comprehensive program of seminars on “Diversity and Inclusion” for the Goody’s-Everest Group with the aim of strengthening the culture of Inclusion throughout the scope of its activity.

According to a relevant announcement, the design and implementation of the project was carried out by Sofia Skeufylaka, co-founder and commercial director of Hatzi Filax Group and winner of the “Inclusive Business” award from Imperial College London Business School, who worked closely with the management of the Group’s human resources to create an innovative program.

The training in Diversity and Inclusion was designed following pioneering international standards, which were adapted to the needs of the Greek reality. The program aims to develop and align participants with modern concepts of Diversity and Inclusion, both professionally and personally. Through the training, participants gain new skills, such as cultural awareness and inclusive problem management.

Within the framework of the three (3) month training program, more than 140 managers were trained, both from the Group’s headquarters and from the stores of the leading chains Goody’s Burger House, Everest, Flocafe Espresso Room, La Pasteria and Olympus Square.

Mrs. Iulia Barouti, Human Resources Manager, and Eftychia Yatse, Head of Training & Network Staffing, of the Human Resources Department of the Goody’s-Everest Group stated in this regard: “The Goody’s-Everest Group unswervingly applies the principles of equality and equal opportunities, while as a subsidiary of the Vivartia Group it declares this commitment in practice by signing the “Diversity Charter”. We remain permanently committed to the creation and maintenance of a safe work environment, without inequalities, discrimination and exclusions, where relationships based on mutual respect, understanding and trust are cultivated The training program that we implement in collaboration with the company Hatzi Filax Group is designed to strengthen this culture of inclusion, contributing to the recognition and acceptance of the differences between us and its use in achieving our common goals, with the participation of all you. “.

Sofia Skevofylaka, who has been a member of multiple committees focused on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion abroad, said: “Diversity is a foundation that we must develop and highlight to ensure the development of a modern, inclusive and innovative work environment. specific training program contributes decisively to the formation of a business culture of inclusion, while it has been characterized by several participants as a “Seminar of Life”!

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