Business & Personal

Business & Personal Mentoring sessions aim to help you learn how to handle professional and personal issues within a predetermined time, in order to set and achieve your goals. In the end you will really learn how to succeed in business especially in this new period where everything will be completely changed.

Our world, and businesses, are changing, businesses are changing and you can succeed in this environment.

Our mentoring curriculum is based on your personal needs and may include some of the following topics.

Mentoring Business

If you are an Entrepreneur, a company executive, a General Manager, a CEO, this program is for you in times of financial crisis or big changes.

Mentoring BusinessExecutive and Entrepreneurship Consulting Program

Our goal through this program is your continuous improvement at all levels, aiming at your most complete theoretical and practical development, according to the procedures and the spirit of the business you are in. It is also important that you are able to take the next steps of your career with confidence.

Business Mentoring Program

  • Effective Communication

  • Goal setting – SMART method

  • Troubleshooting

  • Ways to Resolve Disputes

  • Personal development

  • Team Spirit and Collaboration